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Eunizia has the life experience to empathize & understand on a personal level the types of issues Blended Families face.

 Let her help your family find a solution - start communicating better, understanding better, and enjoying each other again.


“Your Kids Matter
For Blended Families”

During this session Eunizia covers:

  • Quality parenting and stepparenting styles
  • Communicating in to build connection and increase strength of relationships
  • Discipline within a stepfamily
  • The parent without (full) custody
  • Childs needs vs. wants
  • Rules for success in a stepfamily
  • Healing and Breaking generational patterns
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For The Newly Blended”

Eunizia focuses on preparing for the unexpected, and works to disband the unrealistic fantasies that exist when starting a blended family.  

Eunizia covers:

  • Pre Step Preparation - setting up your household
  • The Realities of Step Families
  • Positioning yourself for major change and adapting to change


Eunizia's mission: To Inspire, Influence and Impact.

 She faced issues in her youth as well, she understands and demonstrates how she conquered those challenges.


Eunizia uses her personal experience and business background to teach the youth about the learning curves, and gives strategies and plans on overcoming.

Eunizia's Services


“Its Time To Lead YOU”

During this session Eunizia speaks to youth about overcoming their childhood traumas and not letting it dictate their future.  Her topics include:

  • Its Time to Lead Yourself: "Success is through ownership it cannot be rented"
  • Influence & Impact through Authenticity
  • Thriving in Life Skills needed to get past a bad childhood


Eunizia educates her audience about stepfamily life


One on time to find solutions for your family


Helping professionals help stepfamilies, and children in stepfamilies. 


Works with organizations providing knowledge, resources and strategies through workshops and seminars.

Finding Ways to Bring Families Together: