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Increasing Confidence & Communication for Blended Families

Eunizia has a personal background and the training that helps her understand the unique challenges Blended Families are facing.

Speaker, Child Advocate, & Blended Family Expert

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Eunizia specifically targets and works on relationship building techniques, communication skills and conflict resolution techniques in blended families.

All her work is geared towards building the family up as a unit, using tips that are specific to blended families instead of traditional ones.

Her passion is to impact, influence and inspire blended families to create a healthy family dynamic that works in the best interest of the household.


Certified Expert

The Step Family Foundation, Inc.                     by: Dr. Jeanette Lofas

Trained Speaker

The Godfidence Business School, speaker coaching, by: Jack and Marshawn Daniels

BA Accomplished

Business Administration Degree from University of Miami.

Happy Mixed Race Parents Playing with Their Giggling Son.

Engaging Solutions for Any Stage of Family Life

Eunizia engages and gives her audience the necessary solutions to integrate well through workshops and seminars.  Her solutions can also be customized for each individual family or for each stage the blended family is in.  

The Facts:

  • 1300 Blended Families form everyday

  • 65-70% of Blended Families end in divorce

  • 1/3 of marriages form a stepfamily

“The reason members of Blended Families often feel frustrated is because no one has been advised about the complexities of step family life.”

“The best way to connect with your stepchildren is to be fully present. You don’t always have to give your opinion/input.”

Blended Family Strategies for Building Family Strength: